Benny Plush


The Benny plush is 25cm tall with an English voice box that contains 12 phrases from the movie BENNY LOVES YOU


  • Benny’s are limited to two per order.
  • No two are exactly alike, each one is handmade and there will minor be differences between them.
  • International orders may be subject to additional import duties and taxes.
  • Please be patient with delivery, we have a small team processing each order. (We are not Amazon😀)
  • You can now open a Velcro compartment on his back and replace the two AA batteries.
  • The voice box is activated by pressing the button in the paw holding the knife.

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Take ownership of your own little Benny from the film BENNY LOVES YOU. He’s 25cm tall with a voice box that contains 12 ENGLISH phrases from the movie. Push the paw holding the knife to activate each phrase.

Please look after Benny, he will love you if you take care of him. Whatever you do DON’T THROW HIM OUT!

Benny is not recommended for children under five years of age.

International orders (outside the UK) may be liable for additional import duties and taxes which we have no control over.


When we have dispatched your Benny plush we will mark it ‘Completed’, you’ll then receive an email from us with the Subject Line: ‘Your Darkline Entertainment order is now complete’ At or around the same time we will also send you your tracking number via PayPal, you can track it using this link https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item


🇯🇵 If you are ordering from Japan, can you please add your name and address using alphanumeric characters – thank you.

🇯🇵 Nihon kara go chūmon no baai wa, eisūji o shiyō shite jūsho o tsuika shite kudasai.



Orders are now on hold and will resume in early March.

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